Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam: Dangerous and Deadly Extremists from Sri Lanka

Pages: 3 (674 words) Published: January 16, 2012
The FBI in 2007 revealed…
  “..The Tamil Tigers are among the     most dangerous and deadly     extremists in the world..” [1]                                       BLACK TIGER Suicide Bombers of the Tamil Tigers     “…The LTTE had perfected the use of suicide   bombers; invented the suicide belt; pioneered the use   of women in suicide attacks; murdered some 4,000   people in the past two years alone; and assassinated   two world leaders - the only terrorist organization to   do so...” [1]   “…The  ’ruthless tactics’ of the Sri Lankan Tamil   Tigers have inspired terrorist networks   worldwide, including Al Qaeda...” [1]     “…For more than three decades, the group has   launched a campaign of violence and bloodshed in Sri   Lanka, the island republic off the southern coast of   India. Its ultimate goal - to seize control of the country from the Sinhalese ethnic majority and create an independent Tamil state...” [1]

“…The goal of the LTTE is to Carve out 1/3 of the Island nation to form an Ethnically Pure Tamil State…”

“…Today more than 60% of the Sri Lankan Tamil population live alongside the Sinhalese & Sri Lankan Muslims ‘outside’ the North & East – areas claimed as Tamil Eelam…”

This Terrorist Group (LTTE), banned in over 22 countries (USA, UK, EU, Canada, India, etc.), is  notorious for recruiting Child Soldiers, Acts of Terrorism (they have carried out more Suicide  attacks  than  Al‐Qaeda  &  Hezbollah  combined),  Ethnic  Cleansing,  and  Organised  Criminal  Activity (Credit Card Fraud, Identity Theft etc.).   

According to UNICEF, by 2007 the LTTE still had ’1591 child soldiers’ in their ranks.   

This Terrorist Group is the ’Only Non-State’ actor to posses weapons comparable to that  of  a  small  country  –  Heavy  Artillery,  Multi‐Barrel  Rocket  Launchers,  Mortar  Guns,  Battle  Tanks, Fast Gun Boats, Surface to Air Missiles, and Light Bomber Aircraft.   ...
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