Topics: United Nations, Soviet Union, Human rights Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: November 1, 2013
International relation- International relations is the study of relationships among different countries Liberalism- not state actors
People in general want peace, and do not want war
Key assumptions- individuals may be competitive and self-interester but they also cooperate and collaborate for the general wellbeing. They have faith in human thinking.

Optimistic- hopeful and confident about the future.

Intro on what Liberalism is-

They have a normative view of the world and believe that everybody is or has the potential to be good or friendly. So when you hear Republicans attack them for being appeasers, in the liberal mind it is far from appeasement, they just believe that the world is as it ought to be, not how it really is.

Views on Human Progress

The Civil Rights Act of 1964- that outlawed major forms of discrimination against racial, ethnic, national and religious minorities, and women.

With regard to human progress, Liberals do believe that human progress can only be achieved through human cooperation. That the collective effort will solve our problems. Emphasis on 'collective'. They believe that individuals acting in their personal interests have created the problems we face and through cooperation (mandated by the government), we can collectively solve our problems.

Human right acts, martin Luther king, how the state appoints governments. Search for equality.

During the period from 1985-1991, Soviet-Cuban relations continued, as Moscow wanted the relationship reformed, not terminated and the Cubans relied on continued Soviet investment and trade. Perestroika and Gorbachev’s other reforms quickly eroded the economic and political alliance between the Cubans and Soviets as it became increasingly difficult for the Soviets to maintain their trade commitments to Cuba. After 1989 Castro publicly criticized Soviet reformism, yet he hoped Soviet communism would survive perestroika.

United Nations- an organization of...
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