Liberalism and Realism

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International Relations
Realism and Liberalism
Realism and Liberalism are two major and dominant theories in global politics. They both have contrasting ideas when dealing with how states should relate to each other.
Realism is a conservative and pessimistic theory which states predicts and will act on their national interest regardless of morals. This belief results from people who are selfish and competitive. Realism is a perspective that is dominated by cynicism. Realists place each state in the position of closely observing the actions of their neighbors to resolve problems effectively without regarding moral concerns. Realists only want to maintain their own security. They always want enough power so they can be strong enough to withstand attacks. They believe that the international system is inherently anarchical and cannot really be made peaceful except through power. Realists also do not believe in democratization. Realists also believe that countries will pursue power regardless of being democratic. They believe countries will fight for their interests even if they and their opponents are both democracies. Realists claim that only powerful states are true and key actors in international politics.

Liberalism is progressive and optimistic. They emphasize that the broad ties among states have both made it difficult to define national interest and decreased the usefulness of military power. Liberals believe that the international system can be manipulated to make peace. Liberals believe in organization like the United Nations. They believe that institutions like that allow various countries to interact in a variety of ways and will lead to less conflict between countries. They also believe in democratizations. They believe that democratic countries will not fight one another. They also believe in non-state actors and their importance. They tend to pay attention to individual leaders and also they give way to non-governmental...

Bibliography: Kofi Annan “ Center of the Storm” PBS
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