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The phenomenon of adolescents shopaholic in Hong Kong and Ways for prevention


A shopaholic means a person is considered to be addicted to shopping.

In Hong Kong, the ratio of adolescent suffering from shopaholic is keeping high, the figure will be shown in the report. The symptoms of shopaholic will appear in the age of adolescent and the early age of adult. As I am a student, an adolescent, I want to understand more about shopaholic from this project, in order to give suggestions to the one who are suffering from shopaholic.

The information helps, me to know more about how often do the shopaholic purchase things, and what are the purposes of them for buying things e.g. releasing stress from academic.

The concepts and knowledge that I need to consider to be important are the changes of Hong Kong, self-development and personal relationship.

Nowadays, as Hong Kong become more international, the economy of Hong Kong has moved into top gear. Hence, the materialistic wants of Hong Kongers will be boost at the same time since the purchase power of citizens will increase, while the economic development of Hong Kong keep boosting.

Self-development and personal relationship affect the thoughts of a person. Adolescents always put friends into the first priority. Hence they may become a shopaholic because of peer pressure, since they do not want lose face before their friends can seems that they are poor or are underprivileged, in order to maintain the friendship and enhance their self-esteem by showing off, ad self-esteem is especially important.

Research Objective
The objectives of this project are:
-It is expected that peers is one of the main factor in causing adolescents to become shopaholic. -It is expected that adolescents think that they can enhance their self-esteem or release them stress through shopping frequently.

Focus of Questions
1. Why the concept of spending of teenagers nowadays is so casual, and cannot control their materialistic wants? The reasons for shopping? 2. What are the bad influences of adolescents become a shopaholic? 3. What can be done to prevent teenagers from being a shopaholic by different stakeholder, including themselves? 4. How the money or economic sources affect the total cost which spent on shopping?

Questionnaires will be used to explore the phenomenon of adolescents shopaholic. In order to know more about the seriousness of shopaholic of adolescents. Nearly 100 teenagers will be invited to finish the questionnaire. The questions will ask about the reasons of shopping, the meaning and attitude of shopping towards them, can they control themselves from buying things. The question will also ask about the personal relationship of them, like are they feeling satisfy to their social circle? Analyses will based on social and psychological perspective, rely on the interview results The target group is form 2 to 22 years old teenagers, since they are the adolescents that have their social circle and their own mind-set. Questionnaires will be mainly distributed and done online, e.g. in some Questionnaires website like( Schedule of work:

April 2015------Searching information for questionnaire and interviewing questions May 2015-------Design and distribute and collect the questionnaires back June 2015------Organize and analysis the data that got from the interviews July 2015------Find the information that can relate to the data that the questionnaires got August 2015—Work for the conclusion and the report
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