Liberal Studies Does Prison Work

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Liberal Studies: Does prison work?

Discuss these questions with your classmates:

Should prisoners work seven hours a day like other people?

Should they be paid for that week?

What sorts of jobs could they do?

Match the words from the article on the left with their synonyms on the right: Crooks

Match the words with the meaning:

Pilot scheme
A trial, an experiment scheme.

Directory inquiries
Members of the Mafia.
Daylight robbery
The amount of money you earn from selling goods or services.

Purpose built
Extremely thorough and careful.

The takings
Specially designed.

A call centre service that provides phone numbers.

Obviously overcharging.

Choose two or three of the words from the vocabulary and make them into a sentence:

Article: Italian crooks are helping with inquires - The Sunday Times

Italian crooks are helping with inquires

Some of Britain’s new directory enquiry services may be accused of daylight robbery, but only in Italy are there operators who will openly admit to being a bunch of crooks.

Telecom Italia confirmed last week that callers to directory inquire may find they are talking to murderers and armed robbers.

Under pilot scheme believed to be first in Europe, inmates at the San Vittore jail in Milan are being paid up to HK$8500 a month to man a purpose-built call centre in a prison wing.

Callers are not told that the people on the other end of the line are in jail; nor are the operators allowed to divulge this.

“A new frontier has opened prison labour,” said Luigi Pagano, the director of San Vittore. It reflected prison philosophy that inmates should not regard captivity as “an excuse to remain inert,” he added.

Thirty prisoners have been recruited to the scheme, which started last month. They underwent a rigorous three-week training course. This included learning how to deal with the public, perhaps in a less confrontational style than hitherto.

The participants include murderers, armed robbers and drug dealers, Mafiosi and child abusers, however, are call-barred.

Marco Tronchettie Provera, chairman of Telecom Italia, said the inmates’ contracts were identical to those of 2,000 other operators at 73 conventional call centers around the country.

“The point is that this is a real job,” he said.

Prisoners have welcomed the project, which helps the families financially and gives them contact with the outside world.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity for us,” said an inmate named only as Massimo, 25 who is serving four years for arms and drug offences. “We get the feeling of doing the same job as people on the outside.”

Telecom Italia is hoping to extend its starting recruitment policy to other jails in the future.


Read the statements and write true (T) or false (F) If it is false please write the correct answer:

Murderers and armed robbers are taking part in the project.

There are several similar schemes across Europe.

The inmates are not paid for the work they do.

The prisoners work a nine-hour shift.

The service also provides information about cinemas and restaurants.

Inmates must tell callers they are speaking from a jail.

The three-week training course is not that difficult.

Thanks to the scheme, prisoners can send money to their families

Telecom Italia wants to set up similar projects in other jails

Answer the following questions:

Why do we send people to prison?

Should we use prison to punish or to rehabilitate them?

Do prisoners have human rights? Or do you lose your human rights...
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