Liberal Arts and Students

Topics: Liberal arts, Bankruptcy in the United States / Pages: 202 (50279 words) / Published: Jul 10th, 2013

“THEY SAY / I SAY” The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing
Second Edition

University of Cincinnati

W. W. Norton & Company

Preface 5 PART 1 - "THEY SAY" 7 1 "THEY SAY": Starting with What Others Are Saying 7 2 "HER POINT IS": The Art of Summarizing 8 3 "AS HE HIMSELF PUTS IT": The Art of Quoting 9 PART 2 - "I SAY" 11 4 "YES / NO / OKAY, BUT": Three Ways to Respond 11 5 "AND YET": Distinguishing What You Say from What They Say 12 6 "SKEPTICS MAY OBJECT ": Planting a Naysayer in Your Text 13 7 "SO WHAT? WHO CARES?”: Saying Why It Matters 14 PART 3 - TYING IT ALL TOGETHER 16 8 "AS A RESULT": Connecting the Parts 16 9 "AIN'T SO / IS NOT": Academic Writing Doesn't Mean Setting Aside Your Voice 18 10 "BUT DON'T GET ME WRONG": The Art of Metacommentary 19 PART 4 - ENTERING THE CONVERSATION 21 11 "I TAKE YOUR POINT": Entering Class Discussions 21 12 "WHAT'S MOTIVATING THIS WRITER?": Reading for the Conversation 22 13 "ANALYZE THIS": Writing in the Social Sciences 23 PART 5 – READINGS 24 14 IS HIGHER EDUCATION WORTH THE PRICE? 24 ANDREW HACKER AND CLAUDIA DREIFUS, Are Colleges Worth the Price? 24 SANFORD J. UNGAR, The New Liberal Arts 27 DAVID FOSTER WALLACE, Kenyon Commencement Speech 30 LIZ ADDISON, Two Years Are Better Than Four 33 KEVIN CAREY, Why Do You Think They're Called For-Profit Colleges? 35 CHARLES MURRAY, Are Too Many People Going to College? 38 MIKE ROSE, Blue-Collar Brilliance 41 2

ROBIN WILSON, A Lifetime of Student Debt? Not Likely 44 15 IS POP CULTURE GOOD FOR YOU? 46 STEVEN JOHNSON, Watching TV Makes You Smarter 46 DANA STEVENS, Thinking Outside the Idiot Box 49 ANTONIA PEACOCKE, Family Guy and Freud 51 MALCOLM GLADWELL, Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted 53 DENNIS BARON, Reforming Egypt in 140 Characters? 56 DAVID CRYSTAL, 2B or Not 2B? 58 ROZ CHAST, The I.M.s of Romeo and Juliet 60 TOM BISSELL, Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter 62 JASON

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