Liberal Arts

Topics: Liberal arts, Music, History of education Pages: 3 (1052 words) Published: June 8, 2009
Shayan AzizBaeigi
Eng 100
A letter came in the mail reading, 'congratulations on being accepted into the Engineering program of your choice!' A close friend of mine asked me a question that got me thinking, why did I choose to major in Engineering? While growing up I always talked about becoming a successful engineer someday and here I was now, following my dream. Since being a kid I remember my parents always telling me to follow my dream and never let anything get in the way of it.� I remember being told and acknowledge that the sciences are for the smart students while Art subject are for the lazier students. As a result, students are gradually becoming less interested in Liberal Arts. People have chosen Science subjects over Art subjects because they believe that less intelligent students study arts, getting a good job is difficult in the arts field, and they are not willing to commit the time and money needed to study arts. In the article "The Liberal Arts: Preserving Humanity," Jennifer Urbanek talks about how Liberal Arts has lost popularity due to peoples' increased interest in modern activities. She also talks about how people want to get rid of Liberal Arts courses and focus on areas of study that lead to careers with a high paying salary. She then expands on what has lead to the decline of liberal art studies and it gaining a "negative reputation" (1-4). In Stanly Fish's article, "The Last Professor," he states that people are being na�ve to assume that the liberal art crisis is a short term discrepancy. He talks about how this has been happening for a long time and that we are unable to stop it from happening. Stanley than goes on to talk about how timing is a great issue when studying liberal arts and how being born "too late or too early" is a factor (1-2). ����������� The first reason that liberal arts have been decreasing in popularity and facing a disaster is due to the people being money-oriented. Therefore individuals are always...
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