Topics: Liberalism, Meaning of life, Word Pages: 4 (537 words) Published: April 6, 2013
One word can have so many meanings. A word can have a good meaning to some and a

bad meaning to others. Over time the meaning of a word can change. A word can mean

something different to different people. A term that I find interesting is the word liberal ,

with is root word being Liber which means free or “free one“. the meaning of the word

liberal has also changed over time.

What the word liberal means today doesn’t mean what it use to back In he 18th and 19th

centuries. Back then the word liberal referred someone who believed in individual

freedom in both personal and fiscal matters. It was used to described people who were

very pro-free market such as John Locke an English philosopher regarded as one of the

most Influential of Enlightment thinkers and known as he father of Classical Liberalism.

Liberal use to mean freedom for all , those times have changed.

Today the word liberal has a whole new meaning. the word now implies implementing a

Nanny country , “What can my government do for me“? Instead of what can I do for my

country? Liberal today is thinking that the government can solve problems instead of

causing them. Generally thinking if a rich man has a dollar he stole it from a poor man.

Being liberal today means destructing anyone with a religious agenda , seeing man as

much more important then anything else except “nature”. Respecting some freedoms and

not others. Conservatives are alike in that respect they just choose different freedoms.

Liberal to me means being free, having freedom and being open mined. Free to live life

the way you would like. To be free of everything that constrains you from being who you

truly are. Imagine waking up in he morning and doing whatever you felt like doing

instead of doing what you felt you had to do. Wouldn’t that be nice to feel free of our

everyday life? Imagine saying what you really wanted to say and acting how you...
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