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Topics: Zooplankton, Plankton, Diel vertical migration Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: December 5, 2014
Jessica Preyer
Zoology 211
September 25, 2014
Section 4. Summary of Journal Article

1. Fischer et al. (2006) examined the vertical migration behavior of zooplankton. 2. A) Researchers manipulated UVR (ultraviolet radiation) during the treatments creating mesocosm lids using Aclar and Courtgard for ambient. B) The UVR shield treatment best reflected the control group in the experiment. C) The ambient UVR treatment best reflected the experimental group in the experiment. 3. Researchers believe Daphnia magna alter their vertical migration behavior in the presence of ultraviolet radiation by adopting a deeper daytime distribution and avoiding potentially damaging levels of ultraviolet radiation in the top 3m of the water column. 4. A) Daphnia are affected by the presence of UVR in highly transparent lakes. B) The result depended on daytime observation in the experiment. C) In the experiment figure 3. Depicts the key results for Daphnia it showed the proportion of population and depth of ambient UVR and UVR shield in the day and night. 5. Three factors that can influence the behavior of Daphnia is predators, algal resources, and temperature.

6. It is relevant to understand Daphnia biology because UVR should be considered side by side with predators, algal resources and temperature when looking at diel vertical migration. Also, wider ranges of lakes such as droughts, acidification, and modification in land use can change optical characteristics of DOC and therefore increase UVR penetration.


Brausch K, Anderson T, Smith P, Maul J. 2011. The effect of fullerenes and functionalized fullerenes on daphnia magna phototaxis and swimming behavior. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 30: 878-884. De los Rios E, Patricio R. 2010. Crustacean zooplankton...
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