Li'L Red Riding Hoodlum: Twisted Fairy Tale

Topics: Little Red Riding Hood Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: March 21, 2001
Little Red Riding Hoodlum
There is a teenager named little red riding hoodlum. If this girl sounds familiar, you guessed it right. She was formerly known as Little Red Riding Hood, until she turned to the life of crime. Right now she is paying for the trauma the wolf caused her. She is now in Utah State Youth Rehabilitation Center. I'll tell you the part of the story they left out at the end that made it a fairy tale.

After the woodcutter killed the wolf, the wolf's brother was furious, so he killed the rest of Li'l Red's family. Luckily, the woodcutter was near the house where Li'l Red and her family lived in, so he ran over with his shotgun, and, when the wolf was running away, he shot him in the back of the head. The woodcutter took Li'l Red to live with him.

A couple of years after Li'l Red's incident, she started to show signs of traumatization. These signs that she showed were of criminal behavior. She turned rebellious and turned into a criminal. She would shoplift, commit grand auto theft, and other illegal activities. She liked to crash the cars that she had stolen. Soon, her friends started doing the same thing. Her friends looked up to her and thought she was cool for doing criminal things and not getting caught. After she turned to the life of crime, she started thinking she was a bad little chola. After a while, she started getting bored with the usual car theft or shoplifting, so she wanted to see if she can start a great swindle.

Li'l Red was with her friend Vonica, trying to brainstorm a plan together. Vonica broke the silence that encircled them, "I know of a great way so we won't get caught"
"Really how?"

"Use methyllencephaline1, the drug that they used on Francis Farmer in the movie. It blocks out the memories of what happened the day before, and it makes people fall asleep." "One question; How are we going to get it?"

"We should easily be able to find something on the Internet."
"Oh, we can go on and get the recipe...
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