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lgbt community

By andrew_d Apr 23, 2014 338 Words
Nevada State College
Sociology 101

In addition gay marriage is such a controversial topic. Gay marriage has become a form of deviance but is having some struggles being more accepted by society. According to Homosexuals as deviants in America “In most American cities and towns, if two openly gay men walk down the street holding hands and show general signs of affection, common among heterosexual couples, they will likely receive remonstrative stares, be viciously derided, and avoided. The homosexual couple has been labeled with a stigma. In other words, their community has changed their attitude and behavior towards homosexuals because for whatever reason, they believe homosexuality is wrong”. Society feels as if homosexuality is a deviance and they are breaking the social norm because of the expectations of the LGBT community behaviors based on their label. I feel no one should be criticized for showing public display affection if you love someone enough to show it they should go ahead and show it. In regards to that in the article Homosexuals as deviants in America “Dr. Patrick L. Cooney argues that homosexuality is different because it is a condition which one is born into and not a deliberate act. There is also not any way to stop the “deviant” behavior of homosexuality because it’s not a choice. Because of this homosexuality is not a clear example of a secondary deviance. While it is at least in modern American society, considered “deviant” at least in the primary sense and there is a stigma associated with it there is not a clear connection that forces homosexuals to state a secondary deviance as argued by Farrell and Nelson”. This being said secondary deviance would have to include sexuality and how they self-identify and change their actions based on other people. I agree with this argument because I do feel like being homosexual shouldn’t be considered being called deviant. Just like the doctor said if you are born being homosexual that shouldn’t affect who you are as a person.

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