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An Inside Look at the Intricacies of Term Sheets & Valuations

Alex Wilmerding

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Third Printing, 2003
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Chapter One
Term Sheet Basics


Chapter Two
How to Examine a Term Sheet


Chapter Three
A Section-by-Section View of a Term Sheet


Chapter Four
Valuations and the Term Sheet


Chapter Five
What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About Term

Term Sheets & Valuations


Chapter 1
Term Sheet Basics
What Is a Term Sheet?
In the venture capital community, a term sheet outlines the
terms for a deal; it serves as a letter of intent given to a company seeking investment by a venture firm in order to
outline the proposed terms for an investment transaction
between the two parties. A term sheet has two important
functions: it summarizes all the important financial and
legal terms related to a contemplated...
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