Lexus Promotional Plan

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Lexus RX 400h Promotional Plan

In 1983 Toyota decided it was time to produce a luxury vehicle to compete with the world's best. Toyota made automotive history in 1989 when the first Lexus was unveiled. Now 16 years later the rx400h hybrid is here to do it again by being the world's first luxury hybrid SUV on the market. Performance orientated, the Lexus hybrid delivers advanced hybrid technology along with increased power and outstanding fuel efficiency. Advertising will play the biggest role in the overall promotion following by public relations, personal selling and sales promotion. The Lexus name is very well established in the world. With that being said, the promotional plan will focus more on the hybrid technology aspect of the rx400h and opening potential buyers eyes to the availability of this innovative vehicle. Not only will it capture the hearts of people wanting to save gas and the environment, but also performance driven individuals since it is the highest-powered SUV in its class. This SUV appeals to many and advertising it will be the most challenging effort in the overall promotion.

Advertising (50%):
Lexus has always set the standard high when it comes to advertising. Its advertisements emphasis high quality, prestige and luxury. The new rx400h is certainly no exception. Advertising will play a huge role in promoting Lexus's new SUV. Advertising will stretch across various media segments. The most popular being television commercials and printed advertisements. Television will provide the best way to reach out to target consumers. Commercials for the new rx400h could be strategically placed during certain time slots and on certain channels to reach future consumers. With middle-aged women in mind advertising during daytime soap operas and during primetime would be a great way to catch their attention. Even introducing the SUV into certain TV shows like desperate house wives. As well as advertising on women oriented...
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