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Topics: Marketing, Supply and demand, Manufacturing Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: September 25, 2009
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MUMBAI: Lexi Pens, the manufacturer and exporter of pens in India, has tied up with M&C Saatchi Communications agency for their brand of World Pens. Lexi Pens is an internationally acclaimed manufacturer and exporter of high quality precision Tip Ball pens, Gel Pens, Metal Pens, Wooden Pens and Refills. All our pens are manufactured on state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled machines from Austria, Japan and USA and pass through systemized quality control at every stage of production. heightened sensitivity to consumer needs and aspirations, setting new standards in quality products and capitalizing on new business opportunities in our Industry. STRATEGY TO ESTABLISH A NEW MARKET (SAMPLE SPACE - CHINA)

1 Overview of China pen and pencil manufacturing industry
1.1 Market demand of China pen and pencil manufacturing industry 1.2 Market supply of China pen and pencil manufacturing industry 1.3 PEST analysis of China pen and pencil manufacturing industry 1.4 Analysis of relevant governmental regulations

2 Competition analysis of China pen and pencil manufacturing market 2.1 Price competition
2.2 Product competition
2.3 Brand competition
2.4 Analysis of top industrial competitors, which include: Company profile
Sales turnover and market shares
Analysis of sales channels
Advantages of market competition
3 Analysis of consumers' needs and expectation
3.1 Factors and preference influencing the purchase behavior 3.2 Source of purchasing information of pen and pencil
3.3 Purchasing channels of pen and pencil
3.4 Decision-maker of purchasing pen and pencil
3.5 Customers' needs and expectations
4 Import *a*nalysis of China pen and pencil manufacturing industry 4.1 Analysis on imported pen and pencil to China market
4.2 Study on top importers of pen and pencil in China
4.3 Imported duties and surcharges by governmental...
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