Lewis Clark Expedition

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Lewis & Clark Expedition
Fedena F. Florestal

Clark’s Nutcracker


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Facts About Clark’s Nutcracker

are 10-13 inches long and normally
are black, white and a gray pattern.
There eyes are dark and have a long bill.
They love being around tree lines and large
There is a hidden pouch under their tongue that
used to carry seeds. ( Carry thousands of seeds
Nutcracker’s live in the west of the United Sates
and Canada.


Coyote Facts

fur is a greyish-brown or a reddish-brown.
They are Omnivore so, it means that you eat animals
and vegetation.
Coyotes are hunters and scavengers. They eat small
animals they can capture like rats, rodent, mice,
rabbits, beavers , squirrels, snakes and fish.
Sometimes even garbage.
They make their dens as shelters.
They make excellent swimmers.
They communicate by howling, yelping, and barking.

Greater White-Fronted Goose

Greater White-Fronted Goose Facts

have the largest range of species of
goose in the world. In North America, there
seen mostly in west of Mississippi.
Medium sized.
There body is gray-brownish and there bills are
orange or pink.
When they migrate they pair up for years and
including there offspring's.

Arikara Indians (Sahnish)

Arikara Indians (Sahnish) Facts

tribe lived now known as North Dakota.
 The Arikara were farmers.
They raised corn, beans, tobacco, and squash
both for food and to trade with other tribes in
the area.
Lewis and his men gave the tribe gifts as
They were highly fascinated with Clark’s
slave York.


Shoshone Facts

women took charge at home and the men
were hunters and warriors.
There were a lot of gender roles in this tribe and took
storytelling, artwork, traditional medicine and music.
They use tepees to build there houses with.
They hunted buffalos on plains, mountain sheep, fish
and vegetation.
Lewis & Clark wanted to meet the Shoshone because
they needed horses to get through the rocky mountains.
They were able to convince the Shoshone to come with

Nez Perce

Nez Perce Facts

name Nez Perce (pronounced "nezz purse") comes from French
Canadian fur traders who encountered this tribe in the late 1700s. It means pieced noise.
Nez Perce artists are famous for their quillwork, painting, and basketry. They have 750,000 acres reservation located in central north Idaho. During war they used a bow and arrow and shield are made out of leather.

Their diet consisted of such foods as roots, moose, buffalo, elk, salmon, potatoes, carrots, blackberries, elderberries, pine nuts, strawberries, and sunflower seeds.
The Nez Perce crossed paths because of the curious Nez Perce boys snooped in their territory. Clark gave them food and exchange goods with them. They took car eof their horses until the Corps came back.

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and Greater White
Fronted Goose
All About Birds.Org

Nez Perce

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