Lewis Clark

Topics: Walking, Learning, Sustainable transport Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: February 19, 2013
The Famous Expedition of Lewis and Clark
The expedition of Lewis and Clark was a very important time in history. It was a time of growth and new discoveries in the U.S.A. Lewis and Clark were able to discover many plants and animals by their characteristics. Due to the new discoveries by Lewis and Clark, the nation began to expand. They were skillful, resourceful and intelligent. These character traits made them different from what we are today. Their characteristics helped them throughout their famous expedition. Lewis and Clark had to face many challenges in order to discover plants and animals. He deled with his challenges by finding a different way out of the situation. When a challenge affronted him, he was very intelligent, skillful and resourceful. One of their toughest challenges was when they came across the Great Falls. To go up the river was impossible, so they took their gears that weighed tons and walked miles across the river. This shows that he intelligent because he knew that if they didn’t take their gears, it will be harder for them to survive. During their walk they would kill animals for their meals and they would shed their skin for clothes or warmth. This shows that they were resourceful and skillful. This is one example in which Lewis and Clark were skillful, resourceful and intelligent. As a result of the challenges they had faced to discover things, the nation began to grow. Due to their characteristics, they were able to find new things, which then expanded the nation. One discovery the made were the living organisms that lived there. “ This gained the interest in the west ( the nation was strengthened in the claim of the area.) This made the...
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