Lewis and Clark

Topics: Lewis and Clark Expedition, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark Pages: 3 (687 words) Published: December 16, 2013

Jake Overton

Coach Wernquist

8th Grade History

10 May 2013

Lewis & Clark

“In the spring of 1804, Lewis and Clark left St. Louis and headed up the Missouri River. They had 3 boats and they took 40 men with them, most of these men were Americans some French Canadians.” (Davidson). “These men needed to search the west for many reasons. One main reason was to set the stage for settlement of the West, also this land had not been explored yet. This exploration opened land and discovered new cultures. One of their goals was to find a waterway to the pacific, which they did. This trip opened up the west for a young and growing country.” (Lcimport.htm). Without Lewis and Clark America may have not explored the Western area for a great number of years.

“Meriwether Lewis was born August 18, 1774 at the Lewis family estate, Locust Hill, in Albemarle County, VA. His father was named William Lewis and his mother was Lucy Meriwether. His father was a soldier while his mother was a skilled cook and herbalist. Lewis’s family was one of the first to settle in this region. They had a standing connection and friendship with the Jeffersons. Thomas Jefferson knew Meriwether Lewis for his entire life time. Lewis’s father died of pneumonia in 1779 after crossing a freezing river after leaving the military to see his family. Shortly after his mother remarried a retired officer named Captain John Marks in May of 1780. John Marks moved the family to Brood River, GA. While in GA, Lewis enhanced his skills as a hunter and a outdoorsman. Lewis became interested in natural history which developed his passion. His mother also taught him how to gather herbs for medical purposes. Lewis chose to return back to VA between the age of 12 and 14 to get formal education. Lewis then stayed to manage Locust Hill and increased the size. In 1792 John Marks died, a few years later Lewis then joined the forces of the General Anthony Wayne at Fallen Timbers in time for the...
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