Lewis and Clark

Topics: Lewis and Clark Expedition, Great Plains, Charles Floyd Pages: 2 (877 words) Published: October 15, 2013
Last night, was a terrible night. I couldn’t sleep at all. It was really hot and really buggy. The mosquitos were so terrible, I couldn’t even sleep! Hopefully tonight I can get some sleep. Today we woke up at sunrise and packed everything up and now we’re traveling northwest. I hope we find some new species of animals to send to Thomas Jefferson. It is so fascinating to find new species of animals every day. Yesterday we found the Horned Toad, and Lewis found it to be quite interesting so he kept playing with it, and it bite him right on the finger. It was actually hilarious if I do say so myself. Lewis didn’t find it funny at all and he said if we ever brought it up again, then there would be some punishment. So I’m just going to keep my mouth shut. It is about twelve o’clock and we’re traveling on the Great Plains. It is quite beautiful, but quiet strange because we’ve just been seeing trees for the first part of the journey and know we’re just seeing the blue sky and grasslands. It doesn’t bother me; at least there aren’t that many mosquitos. But right now we’re setting up camp for the night and Sergeant Charles Floyd keeps saying that he keeps seeing these big brown things out in the distance. But no one else sees them, and everyone keeps saying that he’s just seeing things because he has barely slept at night. But I think that he is seeing something out there. I guess we’ll find out in the morning what they are. But right now I am going to go to sleep.

We set out early this morning, we packed everything up. We started to leave the Great Plains, and as we were walking up a big hill Lewis just stopped at the top and we were all curious why he had stopped. So we all ran up the hill and then we saw it. We all saw the big brown things that Sergeant Charles Floyd had seen last night, the American Bison. Lewis said that he had never seen so many buffalo in one place at once, and he also said that there were easily 3,000 of them. It was amazing. Unfortunately,...
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