Topics: Culture, Negotiation, Game theory Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: September 13, 2013
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* Melisa Ochoa
* Vanessa Gallego
* David Moreno

Cross Culture: the Lewis model

MAIN IDEA: For international business and international relations purposes it is important to make a categorization of the different existing cultures, because each one has different behaviors’, core beliefs and other characteristics, to make the process of negotiation much simpler, easy and to have a bigger chance of having a successful outcome we have to understand each of them. The need of categorizing a culture could bring the next benefits:

* To predict a culture’s behavior;
* To clarify why people did what they did;
* To avoid giving offence;
* To search for some kind of unity;
* To standardize policies;
* To perceive neatness and Ordnung.

Secondary Ideas:

In The Lewis Model we can find three Cultural Categories:

1. Linear-active: The characteristics of this culture type are: organized and planners. The most Linear-Active countries are Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

2. Multi-active: these ones are: talkative and emotional. The people who live in the US have this type of culture.

3. Re-active: The features are: shy, obedient and respectful. The countries are United Kingdom and some Asian countries.


The re-active category appears to be the most interesting one, because they have the capability of adapting to changes or to any particular situation, fact that for me could be an advantage when negotiating, because they maybe are not looking for a zero-zum game, but for a win-win game in which they will adapt their desires with the other party desires and get all the objectives wanted.


* Culture is a variable affected by external and internal stimuli and this may be consciously managed by the same person. * Besides the ideology of strong cultures have ethical and moral implications in people. * To our careers...
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