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Levi Strauss & Co is a Global Denim company that has been operating for over 100 years. During the period of 1990-98 they suffered an incredible loss of market share to its competitors. Levi’s failed to change their marketing and advertising strategies to compensate for this change. Alternative choices to Denim as well contributed to this loss. By 2008 Levi’s had decided to re-launch their original jean the 501 on a global scale. They created one fit that will be sold in over 110 different countries. Levi’s attempted to portray the rebel filled spirit of their jeans in a relevant and contemporary way. They used tactics that involved the use of TV ads, digital campaigns (internet), Print ads, viral videos and in-store promotions. Some of these tactics proved to be more effective than others in creating brand awareness and eventually sales. However with a global campaign results do not always happen as quickly as they would with smaller campaigns which Levi’s discovered with this Campaign.

Levi Strauss & Co Advertising campaign

Levi’s 501 ‘Live Unbuttoned’

Levi Strauss & Co was founded in 1853 when Levi Strauss came from Buttenheim, Franconia to San Francisco, U.S.A. to open a dry goods store. It was here he saw the need for stronger workwear. He started creating overalls made from what is now known as denim. Jacob Davis came up with the idea of reinforcing the denims stress points with copper rivets. He then went into partnerships with Strauss and patented the design. From here Levi Strauss & Co began the manufacturing of overalls and it wasn’t till the 1920’s that the modern jean was introduced however people in the workforce still predominantly wore them. During the 50’s and 60’s Levi’s became popular among subcultures especially the “Shrink To Fit 501.” It wasn’t until the 90’s that Levi’s began to feel the threat of competing brands and loss of market share. Which brings us to 2008, Levi’s first integrated global marketing campaign “501 Live Unbuttoned”

The Aim of this Campaign is for Levi’s to step up and become the global leader in denim. This campaign was to give a unique opportunity to let a new generation of jeans consumer around the world know that Levi’s original jean the 501 was contemporary and relevant to their lifestyle. No other jeans are prominent enough globally to do this. (Levis brand sold in more than 110 countries)

The Theme of the ‘Live Unbuttoned’ campaign centres on the feeling and experience of escaping from all of everyday life inhibitions and responsibilities. The unbuttoning of a pair of Levi’s 501’s was to signify breaking free giving the wearer self-expression and their own image.

*Aim of campaign: to regain lost market share from new competition through engaging a younger market to want to wear ‘the original jean.’ It also was used to reengage former customers to remind them of the feeling of wearing a pair of Levi’s jeans.

Target Market: Levi’s was suffering from loss of market share due to other brands appealing to the new generation of jeans consumers. Levi’s saw that teens and young adults (18-25 year olds) were the market that they had the least impact on. Designer jeans and lower priced jeans were more appealing and this age group is less likely to stay loyal to just one brand. However by targeting this market and creating the idea that Levi’s 501’s are a symbol of individuality and freedom.

Advertising Strategy:

Levi’s advertising strategy was incorporated in their first ever global marketing scheme. They have taken their signature button fly 501 so they will have the same fit in all of the countries they are sold in. Therefore their advertising will contain the same theme, content and slogan ‘501 live unbuttoned’ the world over. Although in some cases the actors will change to resemble the populace of the country it is presented in. the main idea surrounding all of the advertising tools is the unrestrained...

Bibliography: http://www.our-work.com.my/echo09/501/
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