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What is your choice for blue jeans? The answer is LEVIS. The inventor of the American garment the blue jeans were born in Buttenheim, Bavaria on February 29, 1829, name is Levi Strauss. Levi Strauss emigrated to San Francisco at the end of January 1853 and he became an American citizen. He started his business with wholesale dry goods, the entire imported item such as clothing, underwear, umbrellas, handkerchiefs, bolts and fabrics are sold in the small stores that were springing up all over California and West. The stores sell the outfit to the miners of the Gold Rush and new families that begun to populate at the western regions.

Levi stores become more popular and well known figure around then city. Until one day in 1872, one of his regular costumer, name Jacobs Davis, a Reno, Nevada tailor has sent him a letter. Davis regularly purchased bolts of cloth from Levi stores to use for his own business. In his letter, he told the prosperous merchant about the interesting way he made pants for his customers; he placed metal rivets at the points of strain – pocket corners and at the base of the button fly. Davis comes with the idea in order to make the pants stronger for the laboring men who were his customer. So, he needs a business partner in order to patent his new idea and he suggest to Levi to join him take out the patent together (sharing cost as well) and Levi was enthusiastic about the idea and the patent was granted to both men on May 20, 1873 and then the blue jean was born.

From it’s patenting of rivets pants in 1873, after 20 years later Levis Strauss has become instantly recognizable global brand. With targeting sales more than 100 countries, Levis now employs 12, 500 people worldwide.


Levis Company nowadays expands the business around 100 countries worldwide including the Asia Pacific Region. With the 12,500 people working worldwide, Levis targeting sales increase. The idea to expand the business at Asia Pacific Region established in 1995 with headquarters in Singapore. From the Singapore Levis Company employed more than 4,500 people with office in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, India, Philippine, South Africa, Taiwan and Vietnam.

To achieve the target sales, Levis Company has implemented the Macro Environment element. Which are considered as political and legislation, economy, technology and socio cultural. Since the macro environment never remain constant and keep on changing and the company should react appropriately to environmental change ahead to the competition. The companies have to study the changes of macro environment will present a threats, and they have to take an appropriate action to address any internal weaknesses that could otherwise result in losses or even business failure.

We take an example of the Levis Company in Malaysia. As multi racial country, Levis have to study the social and cultural environment in Malaysia country. Social and cultural consists of two highly related aspects which are:

1. Demographic.

2. Cultural trends of society.

Demographic is referring to the age, gender, geographical location and population distribution. Organization should examine the element closely in order to fulfill the demands. Because the Demographic elements are include the contribution factor to purchasing power, consumer’s demand and industrial capacity. Malaysian people are not in one size not even in Malaysia but world over. So, organization should offer not only small size for slim people but also design a big size for big people. It will give an opportunity for them to buy an international brand with high good quality jeans. Because in Malaysian market, international brand...
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