Levi's Versus Lee

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Both the Levi and Lee brands are pioneers when it comes to denim. Both brands began in the 17th century, Levi's beginning in 1853 and Lee beginning in 1889. (www.leejeans.com, 14/9/05) (www.levistrauss.com, 14/9/05)

Levi Strauss and Company is one of the largest brand name manufacturers in the world. The company itself was founded by Levi Strauss, a Bavarian immigrant to the United States. During the gold rush era, Strauss began to produce trousers sewn from tent canvas to meet the needs of his minor and labourer customers who were looking for clothing that could withstand the strain of the work that they undertook. By the 1870's, the pants were being produced out of denim, after finding it to be a very durable material. (www.levistrauss.com, 14/9/05)

Lee Jeans was founded by Henry David Lee who opened up a factory in Kansas City that produced an apparel line that included overalls, work jackets and blue denim pants. (www.leejeans.com.au, 16/9/05) Lee originally began production as a work wear apparel producer, and then branched out into developing a more contemporary line. (www.leejeans.com, 14/9/05)

Through the years these brands have become household names and are synonymous with work wear, casual wear and western wear. Although both brands manufacture similar products they both have differing ways of marketing them. Lee adopting a more contemporary direction and Levi's a maintaining their classical direction.



•Increase Sales
•Maintain position as one of the world's leading brands


Levi's current marketing strategy focuses on finding a more high profile presence in the form of boutiques located within department stores, with an emphasis on the brand as the strongest element. (www.levis.com, 16/9/05) According to Levi's they wish to "preserve and enhance consumer's impressions of the Levi's brand, the majority of our products will be sold through dedicated distribution, such as Levi's® Only Stores and in-store shops." (www.levistrauss.com, 16/9/05)



This is a piece of sales promotion that Levi's is introducing into their stores. What it basically involves is a booth that does a full body scan of the customer and then a print out is produced that outlines the Levi's styles that fit the best. These booths are situated in the actual Levi's store and can in fact have the effect of drawing consumers in considering there is no other store that has this kind service. This can also boost the brand substantially as, many consumers will be able to associate the brand with this booth. (www.levistrauss.com, 18/9/05)



This print advertisement for Levi's jeans contains a simple and clear idea. Promoting Levi's loose fit range this advertisement used the imagery of a cute Sharpei dog that has extra skin in that its skin is loose fitting. It conjures up thoughts of comfort, while still looking good within the consumer.

Consumers are able to recognise the popular brand with the image at the bottom of the advertisement and know instantly what is being promoted. Devoid of any clutter, this advertisement shows that Levi's have reached a stage in their advertising cycle where it is not imperative that they show the product


This advertisement clearly shows the product and how it would look if the consumer were to wear it. This advertisement shows the consumer only what they need to see. They do not confuse them by showing them other things in the advertisement.

In this advertisement, consumers are able to recognise the brand from the "red tab" logo. This "red tab" logo is known by many people and in many cases all that it needed for people to know what is being advertised. INTERNET/INTERRACTIVE:

Websites are the type of promotional tool that allows consumers to access information...
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