Leveraging Social Networking Sites in Marketing Communications

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Leveraging Social Networking Sites in Marketing Communications

The social media networking websites represent an important media channel for reaching a diverse demography. Nowadays, consumers respond less to traditional marketing and rely more on blogs, mobile messaging, comparison shopping sites etc.

What is a social networking website?
It’s a website that brings people together in central location to talk, share ideas and interests and make new friends. For e.g. facebook, bebo, myspace, youtube, friendster etc.

What makes a social networking website an important tool for marketing communications? * Increase in number of people visiting networking websites * Increase in advertising spending on social networking websites * Global reach of social networking websites

Importance of demographics of social networking website users for marketing communications Although the larger portion of social networking sites is still represented by youth; middle to old age users has also started joining the social networking sites. This gives marketers an opportunity to target niche customer segment. The four major consumer categories which marketers focus are as follows: * Teens and young adults

* Women and mothers
* Old age users
* Affluent Individuals

How marketers use social networking websites for marketing communications? As use of online media grows, marketers can proactively engage their customers on social networking sites such as placing paid advertising, posting comments or feedbacks and adding a link from social networking sites to company’s site. Following are few real life examples of companies that have successfully used social networking websites for: Improving customer understanding

1) Unilever: To lunch its sunsilk brand in USA, Unilever targeted 25-year old single women. It started a campaign “Hairpay” which included three actors posing as hair care specialists. The company set up profiles on MySpace for these...
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