Levels of Prevention

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Levels of Prevention 
The three levels of prevention in the community settings are; primary prevention, secondary prevention and tertiary prevention. With these three levels of prevention it helps the individual, the people and the community to attain better and good health. First the primary prevention, which focus mainly on health education,  health promotion primary. This activity is concerned in preventing the specific illness or disease. The U.S. Preventative Services Task Forces’ Guide to Clinical Preventive Services (2d edition, 1996), give on the definition of primary prevention as to prevent the individuals in the onset of a targeted condition. Examples of primary prevention we have , giving active and passive immunization, teaching the client, body weight, maintainingthe diet.  

Primary prevention is the most cost effective form of health care. Its target is the community as a whole.  Second, we have the secondary prevention, in which the activity is focus in treating the disease, promotingearly detection and screening. It also called as the health maintenance phase. The U.S. Preventative Services Task Forces’ Guide to Clinical Preventive Services (2d edition, 1996), they describe secondary prevention as those persons who have already develop risk factors, it identifies and treat asymptomatic patient or those who have preclinical disease but the condition is not clinically apparent. Focusing on early case finding, screening is one of the examples of secondary prevention, other examples are breast self exam, newborn screening and genetic counseling. Its target is that population who are at risk. Secondary prevention reduce the severity of diseases, decrease the duration of illness, through early diagnosis thus it may give a prompt intervention. Through case finding, it also have an impact in minimizing the sufferings of the people, thus maximize well being.  Lastly, the tertiary prevention that deals in rehabilitating phase,  leading towards recovery. It refers to prevention initiatives, as with this level of prevention, it made torestore to highest function, to have an optimal reconstitution, thus have a support adaptation to risk.  

How might primary intervention be addressed in a community experiencing increasing level of family violence?             Our awareness in our community about violence doesn’t seem to enhance our ability to work on methodical screening and prevention. Even though medical professionals seems not to conduct such search or screening in the family practice, but there were some that which questioning about the relationship of the family is being question, like home visits. Observation is one tool to assess the relationship of the family but this cannot guarantee that this way we could easily detect. Some providers or researcher may seems to find it difficult to screen out, because there were also some barriers to screening, we have time, skills, resources, comfort and fear on the part of clinicians. In some case clinicians also have contribute to the lack of screening. There were some health care teams who are not dedicated to their work and find them to work on other field, still other clinicians , a group of small who are dedicated to help the families who have problems in terms of violence, abusing and etc. In this primary prevention, this is important to address knowing the activity of this prevention is to avoid and stop any occurrence that might develop. Home visit programs, in which we can assess the family, the child and the mothers relationship, but as I said earlier that this is not tool to evaluate easily. In the school, we can also assess, and do interventions to know and determine violent behaviors, because teachers knows status of their pupil, absentees, bruises and others which a teacher may also can have answer on that. Aside from that, having from school based program , we can detect and implement some counseling program. This is to decrease the adolescent behavioral...
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