Level7 Research Methods for Strategic Managers

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Research Methods for Strategic Managers

"Analysing the satisfactory level of food quality in care homes, specially, Alexander Court Care Centre in Dagenham’’

Student: Santi Thomas
Student ID: 14085

Every human has a right to proper food. Residents in care centres all over the United Kingdom are facing difficulties in terms of getting satisfactory food quality. The researcher’s previous experience of working with the residents of the care centre selected and will help the management to find any shortcomings in the quality of food being provided. Various research methodologies have been studied to find an appropriate technique for this particular care centre. Given the small participant population, the researcher opines that mixed methods research methodology is more appropriate for conducting this research. Open-ended and Closed-ended questionnaires along with face-to-face interviews and daily observations will be used in this study. Converging the qualitative and quantitative data obtained from the study will provide a solution to improvising the food quality standards not only in Alexander Court Care Centre, but also in the care homes all over UK.


Cover page 1 Abstract2
Index 3 Background 4 1:Learning Outcome 15

1.1 Selecting a Research Question5
1.2 Contributing Factors5
1.3 Justification of Research Question6
2: Learning Outcome 28
2.1 Literature Review8
2.2 Components of Key Literature9
3: Learning Outcome 39
3.1 Techniques for the Qualitative Analysis of Data9
3.2 Techniques for the Quantitative Analysis of Data10 4:Learning Outcome 411 4.1 Evaluation of Appropriate Research Methodologies11
4.2 Choosing an Appropriate Methodology12
4.3 Justification of the selected methodology14
Research Findings14

The demographics of the United Kingdom indicate more ageing population. The average life expectancy in the UK is 80 years. According to Office of National Statistics (ONS), there were more than half a million people aged 90+ in 2012 (Office of National Statistics). Over the past decade, there has been a steady increase in the number of people gaining access to care centres and nursing homes. Care homes provide accommodation with assisted care for the elderly and under privileged people. As of the end of May 2014, there were 31982 care homes registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England (UKHCA, 2013). CQC regulates and inspects the quality standards of care homes and sets up national standards for their maintenance in the UK. Every care homes should meet the minimum national standard for quality of a care home. Food Standards Agency (FSA) monitors and advises care homes for providing better quality food for the residents. Declining quality of care homes and subsequent clamping down due to strict regulatory rules has resulted in closing down of many care homes in recent times (Yahoo News UK, 2014). Alexander Court Care Centre is a private-owned residential home with nursing care, run by Life Style Plc. Experienced nurses and health care assistants deliver high quality of nursing care and individual assistance on 24X7 basis (www.lifestylecare.co.uk). This Care Centre offers a wide range of activities for the individuals under care according to their interests and hobbies, with the help of an activity organizer. Meals are provided according to their wish, physical conditions and dietary...
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