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Level Six Writing Assignment

By catherinebud Apr 13, 2015 429 Words
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. For a child, classmates are many but parents are unique. The former spend a great many hours with him/her together during school time, while the latter help to build his/her good habits and proper confidence, and teach him/her extra knowledge, which has a great important influence as the customized teacher for child. Good habits are indispensable for success at school and in the future, yet they are easier to be given up than the bad ones. Parents who live with their kids and play a convincing role could help them in developing, maintaining the good ones, such as keeping regular hours, avoiding junk food, no procrastination, early preparation for tests, etc. Furthermore, under the circumstance of teen-age psychology inversion, parents have the unconditional constraining force which classmates or teachers is in school can’t be endowed. So parents are the most appropriate teacher for each child. Parents could help their children cultivate a positive and healthy attitude to face up with various kinds of situations. For achievements, parents could prevent them from being too conceited, in spite of the compliment as if what common teenager does in such lost-themselves age. When it comes to a frustration, parents may be the most important voice because they can use their wide knowledge and experience to encourage the depressed children, saying that “Defeat never comes to any man until he admits it”, “Mistakes are the portals of discovery”, and if necessary, telling a history of some celebrity of how he/she faced defeat with courage. This is hardly what any others can do. Besides, all the children learn a lot of extra school knowledge from their parents, which begins a long time before the children meet their classmates in elementary school. Excellent linguistic ability, particularly, which can be largely attributed to parents’ diligent training, directly determines the children’s intelligence of comprehension at school. It is natural that the faster the children understand the teacher, the more they learn. Other skills that could be trained by the parents include the methodology in study, the capability of speaking publicly and the social etiquette. For the reasons above, parents are a more important influence on children’s success. However, this may not continue to be true after they grow up when they could have their true friends that share a lot of values and goals and they may find a classmate’s advice more valuable than that from their parents.

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