Level of Awareness of Post Partum Mothers on Newborn Screening

Topics: Inborn error of metabolism, Infant, Newborn screening Pages: 5 (1634 words) Published: October 9, 2013
“Level of Awareness of Post-partum Mothers on Newborn Screening in Different Hospitals in Roxas City”

I.A. Background and Rationale of the Study
1) Mothers always wanted the best for their babies. In any way they will do everything for their children’s protection. Most of the post-partum mothers are not aware what newborn screening is for. They thought that it is just a part of routine hospital admission. They are not even aware of what possible diseases it may detect. 2)Mothers are expected to have a full knowledge and awareness of what has done to their babies. This is to ensure that they will know and understand their babies’ condition. If ever there are disorders detected they will know that they must seek medical attention for further assessment whether the baby is sick or appears to be healthy. On the contrary, most of the mothers’ are unaware or doesn’t have any idea what Newborn Screening is for. 3)There are many possible reasons why some of the mothers are still unaware of what is the purpose of Newborn Screening. First is the mother’s age, second is their mental status, third is their number of children, fourth is their socio-economic status and fifth is their educational level. 4) It was found that women were aware of newborn screening, however desired further information in order to acquire a more comprehensive knowledge of the test. Further, New mothers need to be provided with comprehensive information about the newborn screening test at a time which is conducive for the assimilation of this information.

5)Mothers who have multiple children are not yet studied whether they have more knowledge and awareness compared to new mothers. I.B. Objectives of the Study

This study will be conducted to determine the level of awareness of post-partum mothers on newborn screening in different hospitals in Roxas City.
Specifically, the study aims to:
1)determine the personal characteristics of post-partum mothers in terms of age, monthly income, educational level, marital status and number of children. 2)determine the level of awareness of post-partum mothers on newborn screening. 3)determine whether there is a significant relationship between the personal characteristics of post-partum mothers in terms of age, monthly income, educational level, marital status, number of children and level of awareness on Newborn Screening. I.C Theoretical Framework and Conceptual


Independent VariableDependent Variable
I.D. Operational Definition of Variables and Other Terms
1.AGE. This refers to the length of time a person has lived since he / she was born. In this study it refers to the age of a respondent on his/ her last birthday. 2.EDUCATIONAL LEVEL / ATTAINMENT. This refers to the highest grade / year completed by the respondent. 3.MENTAL STATUS. In this study it refers whether the respondent is married or single. 4.MONTHLY INCOME. This refers to the amount of money that a person gains every month. In this study it refers to the income of the. 5.LEVEL OF AWARENESS ABOUT NEWBORN SCREENING. This is represented by the total number of correct answers in 10-item questionnaire about Newborn Screening and it’s detected disorders.

I.E Significance/ Importance of the Study

I.F Scope and Limitation of the Study

Newborn screening is a form of preventive health care in which babies are tested within the first days of their life to discover evidence of diseases for which the principal symptoms may not yet be apparent. In order for screening to be successful a simple and reliable test must exist. Also, there must be a treatment that makes a difference when the disease is detected early. Screened diseases are varied; they may be genetic, endocrinologic, metabolic or hematologic. What they...
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