Level of Awareness of Improper Waste Disposal

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The Problem and Its Background

Background of the Study
Barangay 663 in Ermita Manila is surrounded by three (3) universities namely, Adamson University, Technological University of the Philippines and Philippine National University. In this case, this said barangay has obviously many carinderias, sari-sari stores and bakery. Most of the time, students hang-out in these places and it cannot be denied that the area or the streets have trashes.

Ever since, flood is the main problem whenever there is a typhoon. The people in the community have nothing to blame on but the garbages that are not properly thrown in the trashcans, especially plastics. This research paper is conducted to help the people in Barangay 663 lessen their carelessness in throwing their trash anywhere they want. Also, the group will be providing solutions to the problem of the community.

Theoretical Framework
Theoretical Framework of this thesis is focused on the community, the action of the government in order to manage the waste, reduce the effect of the waste and their choice of action to solve the problem (Scientific Framework - Chapter 1. Theory). Waste is defined as “a portable object that has been abandoned by the owner” and also as an “orderly disposal garbage” (Bilitewski et al 1994, p. 21). Waste is classified in categories such as municipal solid waste (MSW), agricultural and animal refuse, industrial residues, extraction and mining waste, construction and demolition debris and sewage sludge among others. The distinction that is made from MSW to other types of waste is in its origin (Scientific Framework - Chapter 1. Theory). MSW emerges from households, commerce and trade, small businesses, office buildings and institutions (schools, hospitals, government buildings). This includes bulky waste, which includes voluminous unwanted items such as old furniture, found in households; green waste such as garden waste (i.e. leaves, grass, tree branches); street sweeping products and market cleaning materials (United Nations Statistic Division, 2007) Waste is intimately related to our consumption patterns as well as the development, population growth, and economy of every nation. It is part of the fabric of our life; its adequate disposal is crucial to sustaining the well-being of all living things in our world (Scientific Framework - Chapter 1. Theory).

Conceptual Framework
Waste disposal is not a problem because it is natural for human to produce waste. On the other hand, waste disposal system is a system that would make sure that the waste that the people has produce would turn into a productive material for the society or it could simply be considered a waste and be put off to a different location. This could produce a negative effect, because some people are uneducated with the system that the government has produced in order to maintain the cleanliness of the community.

Climate change is the effect of waste disposal to the environment due to the effect of carbon dioxide. When people have no place for their own waste, then waste is burn and that produce carbon dioxide that goes to the atmosphere that is reactive to tha molecules of the atmosphere. Thus, it is the waste is the cause of the hole in the atmosphere that is melting the icebergs that is why it is sometimes too cold or too hot in the country.

Students are responsible to ensure that their personal waste would go to the trash bin in order to be dispersed properly in the waste disposal. In order to integrate the waste disposal system in the community that would lessen personal waste from water and air pollution. Statement of the Problem

1.What are the profile of the respondents with regards to:
c)( ) Living in Brgy. 663 or School
2.What is the level of awareness by the households in Barangay 663 especially to the people who do not live there (e.g. students, office personnel) in the possible calamity that may take place in the...
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