Level of Awareness of First Year Bsit Students About Computer Security Measures

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The Problem and Its Scope

The Internet and computer networking means that there is a need for new security measures to reduce the threats and challenges inherent from these new technologies and software applications and network devices. Information, network equipments, transmission media, computer systems, and servers are subject to threats. “Yet the use of information and communication technologies has increased the incidents of computer abuse.” Computer security involves safeguarding computing resources, ensuring data integrity, limiting access to authorized users, and maintaining data confidentiality. Effective computer security therefore involves taking physical security measures (to ensure hardware and media are not stolen or damaged), minimizing the risk and implications of error, failure or loss (for example by developing a resilient back-up strategy), appropriate user authentication (for example by employing strong pass wording), and possibly the encryption of sensitive files. We live in a world where "information wants to be free" and in which people are getting used to having access to whatever information they want anytime, anywhere and from a wider range of computing devices. Unfortunately, in terms of the security and control of the resources to which computers permit access, this can prove quite a problem. Indeed, many users unfortunately often view security and control measures as inhibitors to effective computer use.

The student’s awareness about computer security measures can be a big help to them to acquire some knowledge about protection of their digital asset. In this sense, the students acquire knew knowledge on how to use computer security measures in order to protect all the data stored in their computer system. Because of the computers evolution, the researchers want to share the implications on how important the computer security measures, so that the respondents will be able to know on how to handle some cases in the future. Globally, the most used computer security measures are Anti-virus programs are the most frequently used tools to protect computer systems, and they must be upgraded regularly to protect against any new viruses. Firewall is different from anti-virus software, which simply verifies that a file is virus free. You can also add an anti-spy ware program. Spy ware is a small program downloaded onto your computer via the internet, usually with your approval, to collect information. Anti-spy ware operates a lot like an anti-virus program, but its role is to prevent malicious spy ware (or malware) from sneaking onto your computer and transmitting your personal data. Firewall intercepts and controls traffic between networks with differing levels of trust. It is part of the network perimeter defense of an organization and should enforce a network security policy. By Cheswick's and Bellovin's definition, it provides an audit trail. A firewall is a good place to support strong user authentication as well as private or confidential communications between firewalls. As pointed out by Chapman and Zwicky [2] , firewalls are an excellent place to focus security decisions and to enforce a network security policy. They are able to efficiently log internet work activity, and limit the exposure of an organization. The exposure to attack is called the "zone of risk." If an organization is connected to the Internet without a firewall, every host on the private network can directly access any resource on the Internet. Or to put it as a security officer might, every host on the Internet can attack every host on the pri vate network....
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