Level 5 Unit 1

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CACHE Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services (England)

Unit SHC 52: Promote professional development

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The purpose of this unit is to assess the learner’s knowledge, understanding and skills required to promote the professional duty to maintain the currency of knowledge and skills and the need to continually reflect on and improve practice.

The learning outcomes below are to be covered to enable you to achieve the unit.

1. Understand principles of professional development.
2. Be able to prioritise goals and targets for own professional development. 3. Be able to prepare a professional development plan.
4. Be able to improve performance through reflective practice.


Complete each learning outcome with a minimum of 250 words for each assessment criteria.

Refer to the relevant workshop material in particular the Additional Reading Material. This assignment needs to be typed and when completed sent to: suzannebettaney@eurosourcesolutions.com


1.1 Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice.

It is important whilst working in a childcare setting to continually improve your knowledge and practice to ensure all aspects are carried out correctly in line with up to date policies and procedures. This helps to ensure that the best practice is followed at all times. Understanding that practice can change frequently and keeping ourselves up to date is vital. Constant development of all staff would also ensure that no one is falling behind and that everyone is up to date. Sharing information around the team helps to certify all staff are kept up to date with changing practice and are following the best practice possible. ‘Froebel believed that the training of workers for early years settings was essential’ – Early years and education pg.6.

Benefits of training
The benefits of staff training are good practice and bring together professionals to develop common ways of working which will widen an employee’s potential to progress and enhance performance. Continually training or extending to having managerial skills enable the individual to apply for a new job role or a promotion, therefore leading to a career progression.

Benefits to the individual
The benefits to the individual of improving knowledge and practice are becoming confident in your skill. Effective education requires practitioners who understand that young children develop rapidly, children are entitled to provision that supports and extends knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence. The outcomes for the children are better for development and learning. Training acts as a toolkit to use in all scenarios.

Benefits to the employer
It is the employer who has overall responsibility for their staff and therefore it is in their best interests to have a well trained team. It is beneficial to the manager to be able to get work done safely, effectively and efficiently, the organisation is only as good as its overall staff. Having had further training staff will be able to pick up on extra additional needs a child may need as a result the child needs can be met successfully.

1.2 Analyse potential barriers to professional development

In order for me to progress within my professional development, i should consider any potential barriers, once these barriers have been identified i should look at these barriers as challenges to overcome and not as problems which may remain unsolved. I consider barriers as a stepping stone to improve my skills and knowledge.

Here is a list of some barriers which...
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