Level 5 Leadership

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In every way Ambassador Barrett proved herself to be a level 5 leader i.e. an individual with not

only personal humility but a strong professional will. Her childhood may be the first example

of such a combination. Her father passed away when she was a young child leaving her as a

partial bread win of the household. She grew up on a farm where she could sell pony rides and

do other menial tasks to help support the family. From these very humble beginning we see

the roots of her leadership. This humble beginning still leaves the question unanswered “bred

or born?”. She is a Level 5 leader, but was it because she came from such a modest beginning

or was it a combination of her rural roots and determination to succeed? This question is left

unresolved, yet the facts are clear that she is a level 5 leader regardless of what makes her so.

Stockdale Paradox – a compliment to level 5 leadership

In her we see the Stockdale paradox. Her life at the time may have seemed to her very bleak;

but she had the vision that the future would be bright. This vision and resolve and relentless

pursuit of goals is illustrated in her working hard enough to not only pay for her education, but

to pay for her siblings education. Even at this young age for her it was not about her, It was

about the organization; her family organization. And as dark as it may have seemed at the time

she confronted the brutal facts that they had meager means and limited opportunities, yet

maintained absolute faith that the future would be better.

Yin & Yang of the Level 5 Leader

Ambassador Barrett displays a complete union between personal humility and professional will.

Her responses to questions reflected the very same attitudes and attributes of Darwin Smith,

Charles Walgreen III and Colman Mockler.


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