Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Child

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Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Children and Young Peoples Workforce.

Initial assessment assignment.
Unit 501/147
Bruce Tuckman’s model breaks down the stages of a team into four categories, forming, storming norming and performing, he talks a lot about how the team react to the leader and being lead until they are able to stand on their own two feet needing less delegation from the leader but still knowing they can approach the leader for help. I think the Bruce Tuckman model talks about the importance of the leader focussing on their almost Mothering type role, showing how much the team rely on the leader to make their roles clear and only find these completely when they reach the performing stage. Syer and Connolly address relationships- how heightening the quality of relationships between team members optimizes performance. How team members contribute to enhance motivation and how the teams interactions shape structure of the teams work life. I believe the main difference between the two models are the focus on the leader, in the Bruce Tuckman model, the leader seems to be highly involved until the performing stage but the Syer and Connelly model seem to focus on the importance of the team as a whole all the way through. Through Bruce Tuckman’s model I can now see each stage in my current team and how it has developed, and how it continues to develop. In the past year and a half my team has changed and has had new leaders, one new leader was from outside the company and came straight in with some changes, I feel that at this point the team went from the performing stage to the storming stage until the team members become more aware of the benefits that could come from the changes, but also at this stage how the existing team came together to welcome the new leader. I understand that is important for the team to all come together and contribute individual ideas, discussing changes and the pros and cons these could bring to the daily running of the...

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