Level 3 Diploma Teaching & Learning Communication

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Communication and Professional relationships with children, young people and adults TDA 31-1.1Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults. Effective communication is paramount to the development of forming positive relationships. Therefore, within an educational setting we must ensure that as practitioners we can demonstrate and execute these skills with our colleagues, young people and parents. This will enable young people to get the best out of their education and it also models to the young people how to develop and sustain positive relationships. Communication and positive relationships need to be worked on, without them you may find that the purpose, ideas and directions can be lost or misconstrued. As a TA we should at all times, be aware of who we are communicating with and how we are communicating. In some cases the way we communicate needs to be adapted to suit the purpose and the need for who we are communicating with, and why. Communication can occur in different forms, which include

* Non-verbal communication, i.e. body language, facial expressions and gestures * Vocalisations i.e. tone and pitch of voice
* Written communication

If communication is effective, it makes people feel respected and valued and it builds and establishes trust, which is an important factor when building and sustaining relationships with others. However, communication is a two way process and it is vital that people also ensure they adopt good listening skills because it is important that you also understand the context of what messages other are trying to get across to you. Within an educational setting, children will receive a much higher standard of care and support when professionals adopt a multi- agency approach and communicate effectively. For example, it can stop children from falling through the net and ensures, prevents duplication of work and prevents misunderstandings....
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