Level 3 Communication

Topics: Want, Nonviolent Communication, Sociology Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: April 26, 2015

Understand why effective communication is important in adult social care settings: There are many ways for people to communicate. These could be for simple and common forms such as, socialising with others and to be able to build a relationship with either family, friends or even the staff within the care environment. Also it is a major part of the SOVA aspect of care in the way that they need to be able to report and raise their concerns to a member of staff to make sure that they are protected and that it is investigated if the individual is willing to pass on their concerns. People will also communicate to be able to reassure themselves or others around them. To be able to share experiences and past activities with others and mainly to be able to express their needs and also their wishes to as and what they would like to do with their life and the way that they like the help and support to be done to be able to still highly promote independence in every aspect of day to day life and activities. Communication has a huge role within a work place as when you are in an adult care setting it is vital that you take in the individuals own beliefs rights and also choices in everything as it is after all their life that you are supporting them with. But this can then become a very difficult situation as if the individual hasn’t got any method/form of communication then there is no way of us knowing what they like or want to do. So then therefore they would then have to have a MCA completed on behalf of themselves as this will then be our choice as a Best of Interest decision.

Understand how to meet the communication and language needs, wishes and preferences of an individual:
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