level 3 childcare unit 3

Topics: Discrimination, Disability Discrimination Act 1995, Disability Pages: 6 (2198 words) Published: May 21, 2014
1.Children act 1989
2.Disability discrimination act 1995 (DDA)
3.Children act 2004
4.Human rights act 1995
5.Equality act 2006
The children act 1989 has influenced some settings by bringing together several sets of guidance and provided the foundation for many of the standards practitioners sustain and maintain when working with children. The act requires that settings work together in the best interests of the child and form partnerships with parents or carers. It requires settings to have appropriate adult to child ratios and policies and procedures on child protection. This act has had an influence in all areas of practice from planning a curriculum and record keeping. The every child matters framework has influenced settings by giving them and other external organizations a duty to find new ways of working together by sharing information and working co-operatively to protect children from harm. From September 2002 the disability discrimination act 1995 (DDA) applies to all providers of early years services. ‘The requirement to make physical alterations is covered by the planning duties in the disability discrimination act.’ (www.inclusivechoice.com 16/01/14) schools and local authorities have to develop plans to improve how accessible it is for disabled children to access an area. ‘These plans had to be published by April 2003 and must show how schools are going to make improvements in three areas; ∞Improve the access to the curriculum

Physical improvements in to increase access to the building’s and ∞Improvements in the provision of information in different formats for disabled children’. (www.inclusivechoice.com 16/01/14)
The children act 2004 was introduced as a result of the death of Victoria Climbie. This was the introduction to ‘every child matters’ which ensures the wellbeing of children through the following five outcomes; 1.Be healthy

2.Stay safe
3.Enjoy and achieve
4.Have a positive contribution
5.Achieve economic well being
(www.every-child-matters.org.uk) 16/01/14
This framework has influenced settings by giving them and other childcare settings a duty to find new ways of working together by sharing information and working co-operatively to protect Children from harm. The Human Rights Act 2000 was not originally designed for children but the act does specify their human rights which would influence practice. Some rights include that children have the right to dignity, respect and equal fairness. With those rights punishment like canning are banned due to it violating the human rights. The Equality Act 2006 enforces equality legalization on age, disability, health, gender, race, religion, belief and sexual orientation. The equality and human rights will replace the following; disability rights, equal opportunities and the commission for racial equality. This act influences working practices in many different ways. It informs that all practice towards children should be done so that they are treated fairly and equally no matter what race, age, gender or background they come from’. E3

At one of the settings I’ve been to they have to follow many policies and procedures to safeguard the children. One of the settings procedures is child meals. This makes sure that the staffs are trained in the correct manner to ensure that meals can be served in a safe, hygienic and consistent manner. The food is received in temperature consistent containers and is checked upon arrival. Both staff and children must wash their hands before touching any food. This helps to prevent spreading diseases. The staff at this setting has to wear different options for different tasks. For example they use blue aprons when dealing with food and white aprons when dealing with nappies and toilet duties. This prevents cross infection. The setting also has a procedure for exclusion of children who are unwell. This will help to prevent other staff and children to catch this illness. For diarrhoea and...
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