Letters to God

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The Paper: Based on the film “Letters to God”

The premise of this film is about an extraordinary little boy named Tyler that has terminal cancer and his letters to God. His letters were the way he communicated his prayers to God. Even though he was going through a hard time in his life, his strong faith and courage kept his spirits up and that overflowed through him; making an impact in his neighborhood, school, family, friends, and the people that surround his life. Through this little boy’s bravery and faith, God used him as a conduit to show the love and grace that He gives. The movie deals with suffering, lost, doubt, second chances, hope, faith, and inspiration. How can one speak about God in world filled with suffering and hurt?

Although Tyler suffered terminal cancer, he was able to keep up his spirits and a positive outlook in his life through this trial. I believe his letters to God were what kept his hopes high and his outlook positive. In class we talked about how God wants you to dream big, and when one genuinely truly believes in that, his or her hopes and outlook in life changes for the better. Society sees only your past and your present that’s why society limits you. God on the other hand, saw who you were, sees who you are now, and He also can see who you can become. That is because with God there are no limits. So the question is how can we speak about God in a world that is suffering? The only way we can each speak about God in this world, is through our own divine journey with Him. Through those journeys God will be most prevalent and God’s voice would be heard through the valleys. Tyler’s letters were more than just mere communication. In fact, they were a tool used by God. God spoke through those letters and into the hearts of those who read them. For example, those letters restored the hope in Mr. Brady, Tyler’s postman. The letters gave Mr. Brady a second outlook in life. That is what God does- He give you second chances. Mr....
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