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Topics: Alternating current, Electric current, Electricity Pages: 10 (3268 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Dear Editor:

Through your papers I want to draw the attention of concerned authorities towards the worst condition of roads in Karachi.

Almost all roads in Karachi are destroyed. This situation of roads is very dangerous for drivers. By this condition of roads loss of expensive vehicles and many horrible accidents are seen. Here no doubt roads are made but it also doomed very soon and the reason behind this is the use of inferior quality of material. Citizens of Karachi pay the vehicle tax so they have a right to be provided the roads in better condition by which they can readily travel.

I hope that concerned authorities will take some action for the betterment of citizens.

_________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Editor:

Street crime is a loose term for criminal offences taking place in public places. Nowadays street crimes are commonplace in Pakistan. Usually this occurs in busy business areas and highways. Which include pick pocketing, mobile snatching, wallet snatching, cars and auto snatching on gun points, rape, target killing, purse snatching from women’s these all are street crimes. Street crimes effect our neighborhood and our society. These crimes are contributing to the destruction of our society, our cities and our streets. Nowadays every individual has its own story of mobile and wallet snatching. Mostly people’s experienced street crimes. But police takes no action against these thieves and it has become a spreading menace for the citizens. No one’s life and their property is not safe nowadays. The major causes are unemployment, illiteracy, poverty but there are some other factors like lawlessness, fundamentalism, backwardness and double standard prevailing in the society. Government should take serious steps to control these street crimes. For example sincere steps must be taken to solve the unemployment, provide education to poor peoples and police authorities needs to be more alert in safeguarding citizen’s life liberty and pursuit of happiness to make Pakistan a peaceful country. _________________________________________________________________________

Electrical pollution is not something you can see, smell, taste, or touch. It is not something you can sense, making it difficult for one to be aware of the presence of electrical pollution. With this in mind, it is important to understand what causes electrical pollution and what to look for in your everyday environment and home. Normally occurring incidents from everyday electrical use, electric and magnetic fields, earth currents and transients and high frequency noise are sources that cause electrical pollution. Electrical pollution can be one of these causes or a combination of the causes. Stray voltage is also a cause of electrical pollution. Stray voltage most often occurs on and off farms in localized areas. These localized areas can have poor grounding and utility infrastructure causing electrical failure. Stray voltage on farms has been detected by observing behavioral changes in farm animals and some health problems for humans. Stray voltage was one of first discovered sources of electrical pollution prior to the 1950s in areas of the rural United States. Electric and magnetic fields, or EMF, are emitted from electrical devices or anything that uses electricity. Earth currents are low electrical currents found in soil. Natural activity deep within the earth causes some of these currents along with above ground electrical energy to produce low magnitude electrical currents. Transients and high frequency noise or signals come from the wiring of buildings, and from the use of common electrical devices found in homes and offices. The noise is created when electrical current is transmitted and interrupted. In these characterizations of electrical pollution, high frequency signals pollute regular electrical currents traveling in wires and currents through...
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