Letter Writing Techniques

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Letter Writing Techniques
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The following will describe for the reader different strategies and techniques that are used in writing a good-news and bad-news letter. Throughout there is also an example of bad news that could be delivered in a letter as well as an explanation as to which bad news technique was chosen for the letter.

Letter Writing Techniques
When a situation of good-news or bad-news needs to be delivered in a letter, there are two different techniques a writer is wise to practice and perfect regularly.
Here are some structure techniques and tone strategies used to deliver good-news in a letter. The tone should make use of positive words throughout the letter. The introduction should open up the letter in a good positive way and tell the reader what the letter is about. Following the introduction, the writer should become more intricate in detail with what the good news is to convey; using positive explanations as to why the good news occurred. Ending a good-news letter should set the reader up to know what the writer expects next — when and why it is important to meet the date set.

Delivering bad news in a letter uses a very different strategy tactics and techniques throughout the letter production. This type of letter maintains a structure that consists of an introduction, discussion, and conclusion. The structure must not offend the reader even though the news will be bad.

The introduction should be put in place like a buffer. The buffer should provide the reader with information they can accept and believe as valid and also prepare them to process and accept the bad news that will follow next.

Providing an abundance of proof when delivering the bad news, to the assertions being made by the writer will help the reader accept the bad news. The conclusion of the letter should leave the reader with a sense of hope for future success. Giving the reader a way to get back in good...
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