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Write a letter to the editor of the Jakarta Post expressing general concern over the present status of canals running all through the city of Jakarta and discuss its effects on the city. Make a request to the administrative authorities to take up this issue and to monitor it at regular intervals, as we all prefer to have a cleaner and healthier environment in the city, the capital of Indonesia.

Dated 31 August 2012

The Editor of the Jakarta Post


Dear Sir/Madam,
Living in one of the highest densely populated countries in the world, I would like to bring to concern, the populated canals that is now the source of the stench of this city, the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. Being the capital city, Jakarta should be clean and should stand up amongst other countries and should be representable to the world. In the past, these canals were a pride to Indonesia where people had easy transportation. But now, it is a place for garbage dumping.

These canals are not only a source of foul smell, but they bring about floods if not properly maintained. Their levels rise day-by-day and, with their ever-increasing level, mosquitoes breed there and spread fatal diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, etc. Many other rodents such as rats breed and cause diseases such a plague.

Speaking for the millions living in this city, we would like to request the government to take action and keep this matter under control and have regular checkups on the canals, as we citizens hope for a cleaner, greener and safer environment.

Yours Sincerely,

Sahil Hariramani (A Concerned Citizen)
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