Letter to Syfers on Why I Want a Wife

Topics: Gender, Woman, Wife Pages: 3 (1154 words) Published: April 6, 2014
December 6, 2013

Dear Ms. Syfers

The worth of a wife does come into question when the term ‘wife’ itself is seen more as a job rather than a status. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a woman wanting a wife herself when described in your essay, “Why I Want a Wife”, as a person to carry most of the burden in a family. The way society is viewed from the text itself is reasonable, for inequality was present in that current era. As time flies though, ranks start to reform, and change shines light towards feminism in this generation.

In your era, wives were dominated by men, which was a tradition passed on from the early days of our ancestors. Men themselves, I would agree, are selfish in their way of thinking. Although indirectly stated, I am aware that the idealism placed on women is unrealistic, owing to the fact that the wife being described in your essay is not simply some normal wife, but the topmost unrivalled perfect wife anyone, men and women would want to have. At first glance, the essay looked like as if one was deep in thought about their life, in this case, it’d be you yourself. As I continued to reread it over and over again, I was slowly taking steps into having an unbiased perspective towards the problems that unravel themselves throughout your essay. The oppression of men, the powerless wives, it all came to me as I studied your text, showing that wives and mothers are underappreciated, and when placed in that position, I was able to somewhat feel for the job of being a wife. The society in that era had its share of gender inequality, but again, that was in the past.

It was an illustrious experience, but if it were to be compared with my view of women in this society, things have changed from 40 years ago. The fight for gender equality paid off, and now, from the way I see it, as I was a child, I had the involuntary chance to see how my parents interact. Now, it is about respecting both statuses in the family and sharing the burdens and joy....
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