Letter to Simon (Class Discussion)

Topics: Microsoft Office, Microsoft, Microsoft Word Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: January 22, 2012
Dear Simon,

I would personally like to welcome you to our country. To begin with, the basic primary functions of an operating system (OS) is managing resources such as coordinating the hard drive, internal memory, processor, etc. to make your computer run more smoothly. The operating system also acts as a User Interface with the application Microsoft Office, with the trial version already installed onto your computer. Finally, running applications meaning running all the application software such as Microsoft Word in Microsoft Office which we are going to discuss.

The main three features of Microsoft Office that I am going to discuss with you are spelling and grammar check feature, the status bar feature, and the Word Help feature. These features will be most helpful I believe with your experience as a student and a worker. The first we will discuss will be the spelling and grammar check feature. You will be able to use this feature to correct misspelled words and incorrect grammar in your document. This is most helpful when typing an essay for school and creating a document for the office such as a business proposal. As you type, Word automatically checks your typing for spelling and grammar errors. When you misspell a word or use incorrect grammar, a red (for the misspelling) and a green (for incorrect grammar) wavy underline will appear underneath the errors. You can go to the incorrect grammar or misspelled word and right click on the word to see the suggestions that Word will give you to put in place of the incorrect word and/or grammar.

The next feature we will discuss is the status bar. It is located at the bottom of the current document window that you are creating just above the Windows task bar. It presents information about the document such as the progress of current tasks. It also displays how many pages in the document and on which page you are currently on. It also displays how many words you have typed which will be very helpful in the...
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