Letter to Parents

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Dear Mom and dad,

First of all, I'd like to thank you for everything you've done for me, now and forever. All of your wonderful support has seriously helped me become who I am today. I've been taught both by you and teachers that mistakes make you a better person and when you fail you should keep trying, so when asked what successes I achieved in my childhood I always like to reply with my failures. Like remember the time when I was 5 and in our old house, we had that really steep hill? You always told me not to go down the steep hill because I'd break a bone or something. But I was convinced if my sister could do it, I could. So I took my tricycle to the top of the hill, took a deep breath and went down the hill. Of course, I fell and scraped my knee and went home crying. But you guys told me, don't worry you keep trying just be careful. Or do you remember when I was in fourth grade and loved reading and all my friends told asked me why I read so much? They all made fun of me because I always read. But it was all worth it because I won the most read minutes in my class. When I worked at such a young age to, I felt like a grown up. I remember felt really proud of myself just earning my first $20 pesos. My most successful experience has been winning the art award and having my art teacher use one of my art pieces to be the invitation of an art exposition. In my Character Education class, our teacher started talking about how much our future should mean to us and how having a mission in your life makes all the difference and helps you focus on what you want. So I made a mission statement of my own to share with you what it is I want in life: "Remember, your heart is a muscle the size of your fist. So keep loving, keep fighting"-Mates of State. Humans are here to experience change and that's exactly what I want in life for me, and for the world too. God sent us to be the change we want in ourselves. When I think about my future, so many things come to...
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