Letter to My Friend

Topics: Postal system, Post office, Envelope Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: September 7, 2011
Dear Friend:
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My name is Dick Hollman. In September 1991 my car was repossessed. Bill collectors were hounding me like you would not believe. I was laid off and unemployment insurance ran out. In October, I received a letter telling me how I could earn $800,000 anytime I wanted to. Of course I was skeptical, but because I was so desperate, with nothing to lose, I gave it a try. hi January 1992, my family and I went on a 10-day cruise. In February, I bought a new car and paid cash. Today I'm building a second home in Virginia and will never have to work again. This program worked miracles for my family.' I " have never failed to make less than $800,000 on each mailing. This is a legitimate business opportunity and a legal money making program. •

It doesn't require you to sell anything or come into personal contact with anyone. Best of all the only time you ever have to leave home is to mail the letters. And you can do that on your way to the grocery store. I am sure you could make $800,000 in the next 20-90 days. Please study this letter carefully. This is not a chain letter. This is a perfectly legal money making opportunity. Follow the instructions exactly. Make sure you double-check the addresses when you do your mailing, so that everyone can benefit. 1.Send $1.00 to each of the 6 names listed below and request that you be added to the mailing list. It's the step that makes the system legal.

1.B. Spaulding, PO Box 1556, Fallbrook CA, 92088
2.T. Tettet, PO Box 370, Newnan GA, 30264
3.T. Daniels, 3861 Basilone Street Unit 2, San Diego CA, 92110 4.S. Ramsay, PO Box 102050, Denver CO, 80250
5.S. Erdman, PO Box 404, South Boston VA, 24592
6.R. Griffin, PO Box 1005, Woodinville WA, 98072

2.Remove the name in the #1 position and move each of the other names up one Position (2 becomes 1, 3 becomes 2, etc). Place your name and address in the #6 position. 3.After completing the above instructions, photocopy this letter 200 times (or more...
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