Letter To Mrs Jones

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Roger Baines
100, Broad Street
New York,
United States of America
rogerbaines@outlook.com 17th September 2014

Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones
469 Jones Ave.
New York,
United States of America

Dear Mrs. Jones,

I know I never got the chance to say it, but I just wanted to thank you for giving me the ten dollars for the blue suede shoes. At that moment, I was just too shocked to say it because I really thought you were going to knock the senses out of me. That is not all I wanted to say though, I also want to say that I am truly sorry for trying to snatch your purse. I never saw you again so I never got to tell you but I am really sorry and regret what I did.

I want to let you know that I have learnt my lesson after that meeting you. I have never stolen anything again. Actually, every time I see someone carrying a pocketbook, it reminds me of you. I have always wanted to write to you but I was ashamed of myself. I have now pick up the courage and wanted to let you know that I have found myself a job at the supermarket. The manager said I was a little young but they needed help so he hired me. That was almost four to five months ago, and now I am also taking a course in a football college, something I thought I would never do. I listened to you and went on to follow my dreams.

I never really thought that I would go to college but that my life would go down the drain. I never anticipated going to college let alone becoming a professional football player. I have been told that I am actually pretty good. In a sense, I am glad that I tried to steal your purse... well not for you, but for me, though, the kick in the blue jean sitter was really painful I must say. If I had never tried...
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