Letter to Joyce's Eveline's Father

Topics: Family, Mother, Dubliners Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: March 27, 2013
25 November 1844
Dear Father,
I have always attended your every need, and I was there whenever you needed me. I worked hard. I worked hard at home, I worked hard at the store and I’ve come to realize; I am not in the bit happy. I am not happy about working this much and I am not happy about what I get for it. Everything is changing, everybody’s going somewhere and I am stuck and my life isn’t going anywhere.

I remember how my mother used to be. She used to work hard, very hard. She sacrificed herself for us father, and I am not her and I can’t be like her here. I will always be her daughter here, not a woman. Daughter of a ghost! I am leaving father, although with sorrow in my heart, I am leaving. I am running away with Frank. I will be safe, Frank will take care of me. I will be far, very far away. I will have a house and a husband. People will respect me. I will have a life, a life of my own. I’ve made so many sacrifices father: To you, to children, to the store; but I never got anything in exchange. After all that time a gentleman who appreciates me comes along and you father forbade me to see him. I can’t die in this house father, this house already has a ghost. I made a promise to mother before she was gone. I promised her I’d try to keep the home together as long as I can. It hurts me not keeping my promise but father do understand me, you have never been easy on me. I am not here to replace mother, it’s not my fault she’s gone, father. Although you weren’t easy on me, it is not your fault that I am leaving father. It is nobody’s fault. If I stay nobody can change my life, how can one? You are still my father and I still respect and love you. I wish you well father. Farewell.


25 November 1844
Dear Harry,
With great sorrow in my heart, I bid you and the children farewell. I am going off to South America and I won’t be able to see you again. I will be safe, I am accompanied by frank and a house that I will be the...
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