Letter to Future Self

Topics: God, Holy Spirit, Time Pages: 2 (309 words) Published: September 25, 2014
BCHS Rachel Joseph 425 English 3rd period September 9, 2014

Future Letter to Self
Dear Rachel,
Yo Rachel this is your past self I need to get some things of my chest. How I want my future self to be like five years in the future is to go to Syracuse University and study Education to become an elementary school teacher. The different dreams and goals I would want to realize by then is to visit Haiti to see my grandmother and to be in the WNBA or to become a pastor of my own church. Here are my desired statuses of the areas of my life wheel at that time. My career is to be a teacher or be in the WNBA. My studies will be education. I desire to be rich. I would like to have a family of me, my husband and girl twins. I will like to have friends who will be there for me in my times of trouble and despair. I would want you to have a husband who will love you no matter what the circumstances are. I would want you to stay in good health and stay fit and live long. I would like you to be a God fearing woman and don’t let the Devil in your life to mess it up. I would like you to have a good spirit and have the Holy Spirit in your life. I would like you to help community in any way you can. I would like everything about you to change and don’t go back to your old, disrespectful, rude, annoying self. I want you to be better than what you are now. I hope you will contribute to as many charities such as Make- A -Wish Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, etc. I hope you will have the best life ever.
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