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Topics: Coal mining, Coal, History of coal mining Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: November 6, 2013
Its 2013 and no one has even thought about you.
To who may find my letter? My name is Treven Culvey. I live in Cherry Valley, Illinois. Today’s date is October 15, 2013. I live in a society that is fun of itself and doesn’t think much into the future. Things we do today, just might hurt what happens tomorrow. From coal mines, building houses, cars and factories. Also the way people act, our government, and terrorism today are a little outrageous. These days, long term thinking means planning for 10-15 years, and even that is out there. Thoughts about our future generations don’t go much beyond grandkids. If my government knew I was thinking about 100 years from now or even longer they would call me crazy. However, 100 years is not that far away. So I think we should talk to think about our future decisions more, like where we get energy from. We should ask ourselves, if the people of my past would have gone down this path, how we would care today. The future is a very long

time away. Thinking about the future is like contemplating the size of the whole universe, it a bit crazy and too abstract to fully understand. Time and space are analogues in this manner. When I look outside today and over the past years it has changed a lot. Just last year “2012” was the warmest winter I had ever experienced. My first thoughts are those of the scientific curiosity. Tell me people of the future, how bad did the climate get? What happened to the forest? Did the methane hydrates give way? How much did the ocean rise? Today we are taking down more and more woods to expand neighborhoods. Which then take away from the oxygen that those trees put off. Then put all the animals out of their habitat. Which will cause animals such as gators and snakes be pushed into living in or near homes. Which today we are starting to see this already, in Florida snakes and being found in more homes and in people’s yards, eating their pets and biting their kids due to nowhere to live. People are...
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