Letter to Friend Telling Them About a Day on the Beach

Topics: 2007 singles, Sun, Beach Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: May 10, 2013
6 Snodgrass way

Dear Mark

Thanks for your letter - it was great to hear from you. I’m sorry I haven't written for ages, but I’ve been really busy preparing for my exams. It’s really good to hear that you've passed your driving test. Congratulations!. Well I have some really interesting news to tell you, I may have mentioned it before last time I wrote to you. That all important beach holiday me and my friends were planning, YES! , we finally went this summer.

I still remember it when I stepped out onto the beach for the first time in my life , with the softy , shinny gold sand gently rubbing away under my toes as I made my way across it to the centre . We had decided this was the best vantage point for taking in this whole memorizing view and with enough room for us all to have fun. Thankfully ! As we had hoped the weather did not disappoint that day and the light blue sky. Walking along the beach, the bright sun was almost hot enough to cover me like an invisible blanket of warmth. The beautiful, big blue ocean's waves were crashing against the cliffs as I watched the seagulls joyfully fly around in circles in the air. The warm, golden sand ran between my toes with a gentle breeze. Just the whole atmosphere and scenery was amazing fascinating. It was then that I realised I became so indulged and comfortable within this heaven like place that I had fallen asleep. This is why I came back with a bit more of a tan than all my friends, now I understand why they didn’t wake me up.

As I woke up the sun was still shining as bright as ever , regardless of the fact that it was approaching 4pm. So I decided to go take a walk down to the sea and maybe splash in and out of the waves because it looked very exciting when I saw the other kids doing it earlier, but also as I needed to wake myself up. Especially as I knew late afternoon was approaching and soon the partying would begin. We went swimming, and dancing, all the night, and I...
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