Letter to Editor-Conservative View-Sci/275

Topics: Environment, Natural environment, Environmental science Pages: 2 (351 words) Published: March 31, 2013
SCI/275 Environmental Science
Letters to the Editor (Conservationist)

Dear Editor:
As is evidenced in recent world news and events, taking steps to energy independence is paramount to the continued survival of the United States as a Nation. Growing increasingly dependent on the natural resources in other parts of the world further compounds the possibility for this independence. As a conservationist, it is my belief that we as a country can begin to develop the means required to carefully and sensibly manage our natural resources in an effort to usher in this independence. For instance, the Bridger Teton National Forest houses 3.4 million acres of land that has gone untouched, and undisturbed by increases in population and industrialization. As such, the resources here have gone untapped. Consider being able to provide incentives for the local industries such as forestry, and mining in the area, to use more environmentally friendly technologies to not only increase the effectiveness of harvesting in these areas, but to also minimize the damaging effects of this harvesting to the surrounding landscape and ecosystems. The implantation of environmental taxes requiring those businesses that take advantage of this opportunity, to pay an amount equal to the harm they cause on the environment will further increase the use of more eco-friendly technologies. A(n) tradable permits system is also a consideration, limiting the total amounts of pollutant that can be released, allowing both persons and businesses to buy and sell rights to emit and reduce emissions at the least cost to them. These efforts will not only prove useful in making us the independent, nation that has been the basis of our existence, but will also provide us the means to sustain the natural resources required for our continued existence, and ability to support the ever growing human population. We MUST consider more effective means to tap into the natural resources that the earth has...
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