Letter to Charles V of Spain

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Explorer Paper
LeeAnne Valentine
May 12, 2014
Jelena Popov

Explorer Paper
To My King Charles V,
I have come to understand that this is a golden time to begin exploring other worlds in search of gold, power, and create trading routes with the Indies of the West. In doing this, I would need to circumnavigate the oceans in search for a Western route to the Indies. Perhaps, you are familiar with Prince Henry the Navigator? He has formed a research titled, "Primitive Research and Development," in which people have used to explore the New World. It would be a travesty if we did not seize the moment to explore, conquer and expand our lands beyond that of Spain, my King. In order to secure our position in exploring the oceans, we must first ensure that I have the authority to choose sailors who are well-versed into sailing the rough seas. As you know that the oceans have no mercy on humans, I understand I seek too much but what good will it do for us if men do not know how to sail the seas? We do not have the luxury of training men at this time. Experienced men who know and understand the seas as I will hasten to find the routes and return to Spain with untold riches and more! My King, time is of an essence! Another barrier that we must overcome is the lack of funds in ensuring we have the fastest ships, My King. I would like to procure several ships under my leadership. Christopher Columbus captained the “Pinta” which was declared the fastest ship on the seas. If we can raise enough funds to build ships worthy of the sea, bigger and strong to carry our men safely on the unknown oceans – then we will have the power, lands, and untold riches to bring back. We, the Spaniards, are not the only ones exploring beyond our lands. We are in a race to ensure Spain is the might, therefore; having bigger, faster, ships will help Spain remain strong in sailing. One more barrier that we may face is the lack of supplies for our journey. We will need to take a vast amount of supplies since we do not know how long the journey may take. It could take up to two years to reach our destination. Supplies are the first thing we must overcome. With your help in procuring supplies for the journey, the men will not raise mutiny and sabotage the push to explore for more lands beyond India. The Muslims are controlling the goods that are coming out of Far East and along the Silk Road into the Mediterranean. I have studied the maps of Bartolomeu Dias who sailed past the Cape of Good Hope. It is a long way around to travel eastward. It would be a lot easier to travel eastward instead of down the western coast of Africa. Vasco da Gama (1524) created the route to sail from Europe to India (Waldseemuller, 2005). I have studied the maps of many who traveled from 910-1492. Most of the maps are inaccurately drawn. Most of our ships have traveled through the Indian Ocean to reach the East Indies. We should push further by traveling west bypassing India and continue westward until we reach land. Christopher Columbus traveled eastward through the Atlantic Ocean and discovered the Americas. I have faith that we will discover more as we push westward onward into the unknown and we will discover greater things than Columbus discovered! My King, we are in a highly absolutist country where you control the expansion of the trade. The Court reaps benefits from trade and plundering other towns (Emerson Kent, 2014). Why not seize the profits from other lands beyond that of Spain? Spain and its court can gain more profits from trading with those on the Western routes, and with the Indies. The Crown and its' Queen Isabella of Castile have always collected 20% of the revenue and have granted quinto to Christopher Columbus land. Would it make more sense for you to earn more than Queen Isabella? We are in high need of silver since gold is starting to wane. We are in an endless war, and the need for silver is greater than ever. If we are given the...

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